Holly and AJ

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Flashback to 2010

Holly sits at a desk in Algebra II, first day of class. The bell rings, AJ scurries in and sits down next to Holly. He peeks at her pop quiz, she covers it with her arm.

Jump forward to 2011, they are reintroduced by a mutual friend. AJ takes Holly drifting in his Celica in a target parking lot. Holly, not remembering the previous interaction, is smitten. The feeling is mutual.

Two summers and two proms later, they weather four years of long distance while Holly attended Texas State and AJ went to A&M. Many Greek-life parties and formals were shared between the two, despite the 2.5 hour drive back and forth.

They were both ready to start real life and each graduated a semester early, and moved in together in their hometown Austin, Texas. Wasting no time at all, they adopted their chubby corgi, Turbo - little brother to Holly's house bunny, Pebbles.

AJ started straight into his downtown, tech-sales career and quickly jumped up the ladder. Shortly after, Holly went full time in her business - Holly Marie Photography, with AJ serving as her business partner and second shooter.

May of 2018 marked Holly & AJ's (aka HayJay)'s 7th anniversary. Under the guise of commemorating this special occasion with a photo session near the site of their first kiss, AJ got down on one knee and caught Holly completely by surprise.

Following a surprise dinner at Matt's El Rancho to celebrate with friends and family, they decided on May 16th, 2020 for their wedding; two years from the date of their proposal and their ninth dating anniversary. They specifically wanted a long engagement so that they could balance wedding planning with other personal goals, like home ownership!

In February of 2019, they closed on a lovely home in Southwest Austin where Turbo and Pebbles would both have ample room to run around.

We are so, so grateful that you have been a part of our lives for these past eight years, and your support and love means everything to us. We are so excited celebrate with you and can't wait for November to come!
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